Welcom to Poli Phones

Mobile phone envy?

Do you want a brand new mobile phone but canít get one because you are blacklisted?

Bad credit history holding you back from the phone you always wanted?


At Poli Phones, we provide brand new smartphones to those members of the public who normally are not given access to a contract and mobile phone associated with it.

But how do we do this?

Well, if you are blacklisted, or have a poor credit history, we can still help you. We do no credit checks when it comes to our contract offers. That doesnít mean we just hand you a phone. We make sure that we match you to a phone and contract that you can comfortably repay each month, so as not to increase your financial burden.

Tell me more!

Smartphones truly are a necessity in our everyday lives, not only as a communication tool but with the incredible features they all now have, like GPS for example.

To be eligible for a mobile contract and a smartphone through us, visit our offices, email us or apply online. We will require the following documents from you.

Now you might be wondering how we offer people with a bad credit history a mobile phone contract when no-one else will. Well, itís simple really. Together with our service providers, we have found a range of mobile phone contracts that are affordable and wonít break the bank. We have then assigned these contracts to the latest mobile phones, giving you a chance to own a smartphone. Each customer is a unique case and we look at a number of important factors when finding the right contract for you. Any contracts or phones that will put you at a greater risk of defaulting on your contract are immediately ruled out. Rest assured, we help over 95% of those customers who approach us thanks to our unique approach and insight into the contract mobile phone market.

We understand that financially, individuals and families are under more pressure than ever before. This, however, should not rule them out of the chance to own a smartphone, something that can ultimately benefit them in so many ways.

If you are interested, find more here.