Smartphones 10 years from now – where are they headed?

With the massive advances made in mobile phone technology since the turn of the century, just where are smartphones headed in the next decade? Scary to think that just a mere 16 years ago, phones had black and white screens and could only make calls and text. Compared to what we have in our hands today, the leap in technology is nothing short of astounding. Can the next ten years bring something similar? Here are our thoughts.

Improved security

Security on your mobile phone has changed little since the advent of the smartphone. We still rely on a pin code for our sim cards or to unlock our phones. Phones like the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy range as well as the Apple IPhone do include fingerprint security, but these are often erratic in performance. In the next decade, expect major advances, including retina scanning, hand or palm identification, voice recognition or perhaps even facial recognition.

Phones will do everything you need

Phone processors are becoming quicker, storage space is increasing and phone memory is allowing for some incredibly complex gaming apps. This will only get better a decade from now. Will we need Xboxes and Playstations anymore? Probably not, your phone will do it all including TV.

Flexible phones

Technology is already in place which allows phones to bend. Expect this to be improved and in use over the next decade, a good thing for those of us who leave our slim smartphones in our pocket when we sit down in tight jeans!

Video calling will be the order of the day

Although Apple Facetime and Skype allow for video calling, it has not become very popular… yet! In a decade, however, video calling will be how we communicate over distance. The death of the regular call for sure!

Your phone is your wallet

Using your phone as your wallet is already possible with certain apps. This will become the norm in a decade, meaning you do not need to carry cash, your bank cards or even your wallet on you. Just be sure to keep your ID and drivers licence somewhere else. Wait, there will probably be an app for that as well.

Battery life improvements

The bane of the smartphone! Most batteries only last a day with regular usage and half a day for those of us who constantly use their phones. No doubt, in the next ten years this will improve immeasurable. Here’s to a smartphone battery that lasts for 5 days! We can only hope.